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Online Media is a privately owned Ice Hockey fan site, dealing primarily with the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL) and the National Hockey League (NHL). Originally during the 2006 AIHL season it was only used as hosting space for AIHL video files, but in July 2007 came online as a website of it's own.

Every opinion expressed on this site is my personal opinion only, and does not represent the views of the AIHL, NHL, any other league discussed, or any of the clubs contained within those leagues.

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Site History
January 28th 2010 Added NHL Logos under the Images section
December 29th 2008 Due to the possible (and unfortunate if it happens) disappearence of the Hockey Night in Sydney page has been incorporated into this site. This page is also directly linkable via
July 7th 2008 Downloadable section is now formatted and online, all available full game videos are listed and available
February 24th 2008 The first free live streaming video broadcast is done from the Sydney Ice Arena between the Central Coast Rhinos and Western Sydney IceDogs
August 14th 2007 bleedingice Radio came online at 3am AEST, making it the first at this point only 24hr a day radio broadcast dealing with AIHL news.
August 6th 2007 Over the course I've the last week I've started adding 'Hoser Chat Live', a video news blog put together by '2 guys in Canada'. And improved the links section by adding more AIHL and Online Media links.
July 13th 2007 Added the links page, though it's still in development. Also added google ads
July 7th 2007 Site came online, news and views being the only active feature. Game videos being released via news feed